I was spending time with God and in my minds eye I saw a picture of an Owl wearing glasses! Then I heard God say “I’m bringing Wise Sight”.  I asked God what this meant and felt Him this;

The Seer prophetic gift is being released in this season but it will be given to those who carry wisdom. The Wings of Wisdom are now at flight and She shall find My Seers. It will be a unique combination – a marriage of unstoppable force.  Many of My people have had visions and dreams but they haven’t had wisdom to see these become reality. Many others have been gifted with Wisdom for years but haven’t been given a context to use it.  But today is a new day. Wise sight is here.

So watch out you wise folks ( young and old) visions and dreams are coming your way! And position yourselves you Seers, the gift of Wisdom is being given.