In March 2008 I had a prophetic dream. Here’s what happened.

In the dream there were a large number of Christians gathered together in a church building – many were praying for healing for the sick – there seemed to be a lot of partial healing going on – everyone trying – no one was healed completely. Then someone in the church building shouted out “The sun of righteousness is here with healing in its wings” (Malachi 4: 2) at this, from the left side of the building came a radiant bright wave of His presence so powerful that no-one could stand. As this happened a dove flew into the sanctuary with an olive branch in its mouth and landed right in front of me.

As I woke two things struck me; firstly there is due a release of Gods power that will come and sweep across the nations bringing Gods healing to many outside the church. Secondly, the dove represents God saying the flood is over! Its time to get out of the ark (Church building), get onto dry land (into the world).”