I was chatting with God yesterday and felt Him say (kind of out of the blue) “It’s all about timing”. I prayed and then I had a vision of many people who’d had something that they had been working on but was not quite yet public – something important to them (a new project/a move/a ministry/a business plan/ something they wanted to launch etc). God showed me that for these people the most important thing right now was timing. Right timing will be the thing that will bring success. I continued to see in a vision angels handing out clocks and watches of all different sorts to different people; huge grandfather clocks, stop clocks, digital clocks, wrist watches and so on.

I felt God was saying:

“Stop asking whether or not what you are doing is right, deep down you know that it is – that matter is settled. The real question right now is, what is the right timing for this? What type of clock have I given you? What does it mean? Be patient ask for understanding and watch your clock for the right timing. This isn’t one size fits all – you have been assigned a specific time to launch what I have established in your heart. Don’t look at others or other trends, look to me and I will give you the right timing. To those that have been given a grandfather clock. it feels like progress is slow – like it’s taking forever but what I have given you is ground breaking and will last through 3 generations – be patient, you will know by hearing me not watching for a sign. To those who have been given a stop clock there is a short window of time for you to launch – you need to know when that is – you need to be positioned to go – ask me!”