I had a prophetic dream. Here’s the account:

I dreamt I was among a group of people. Everyone was arguing. People were blaming each other for different things. The people seemed to want to point out the sin in each others lives. It just kept escalating. Then all of a sudden a detective walked into the room. He had a camera hung around his neck and he reminded me of the cartoon figure Inspector gadget. He began to calm the group down  and suggested that each person in the group take his camera and take a picture of the person they were judging had sin. Everyone agreed this was a good idea. Each person took a turn to take a photo of the person they thought was sinful in some way. The camera was Polaroid and printed out the photo immediately.  What the people didn’t know was the camera had switched to inverse and had taken X-ray like photos of their own heart. One by one people began to see their own sinfulness as they looked at the pictures of their own hearts.

For me, this dream was a revelation of how pride manifests. It blinds us to our own issues and instead focuses on others wrong doing. It very much describes the journey of Isaiah the prophet in the Old Testament. The first 5 chapters of the book of Isaiah are “Woe to You” chapters – where his focus in on everyone elses sin. Then through a vision of the Lord in chapter 6 – Isaiah is dramatically humbled and says “Woe to Me“. The revelation of Isaiah’s own sin and the response it evokes from him ultimately initiates his commission as God’s prophet.