In October 2009 I had a prophetic dream. Here’s the account.

“In the dream I had inherited a huge house – this house can only be described as the size of a city. It’s rooms were vast – had basements and unending levels. Although it was enormous it had no furniture and was in disrepair. I remember feeling overwhelmed with this inheritance knowing it was virtually impossible for me alone to make this feel like a home. I remember contemplating giving it up as I had no idea how to manage it but I knew that it was too big an inheritance to pass by. Soon I decided the only way to occupy this house was to invite many people to live in it. I invited a small group to start with and within a few hours it seemed they had already decorated and converted the kitchen. This was the pattern. As this proceeded I began to wander and ended up in the basement level. It was here I began to find secret hidden things. In one room there was a small old wooden door in the middle of one of the walls – I opened it to find a wine cellar. I picked out a dusty bottle of red wine and on the label it said it was bottled in 1771. I went to another room and in the middle of the room was a huge bottle of perfume so big it reached the ceiling.”

Are we believing for a city?

Is God trying to get our attention for us to realise that we, the body of Christ, have inherited influence over cities/regions? Is our ‘house’ bigger than we think? One thing is clear – If this is true it will need everyone in His body to get involved – everyone will need to occupy – everyone working together.

The 1771 trail

Intrigued by the wine labeled 1771? I was. I googled Bristol 1771. It so happens that in 1771 the most significant methodist conference was held in Bristol by Wesley and Whitfield, where a young man by the name of Francis Asbury came, got so impacted, that he signed up to take this move of God to America. Asbury founded the methodist movement that spread across the United States. Interesting.

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