Last night I had a dream. A dream, I believe God imparted some insight to me. I was in heaven and I got introduced to the operator of finance there. Now just an aside, I don’t often have dreams where I’m in heaven and I’ve also never ever met an operator of finance who lives there until now.

In the dream I started talking to this person, who they called the operator of finance, and he began to reveal a couple of key facts. The first thing he said to me was “Do you know Ruth that you can request that your debts can be forgiven?” He was talking about actual financial debt that we incur here on earth not a spiritual analogy. He told me that many don’t request this but that there was a place in the courts of heaven where he could request it for me. It wasn’t a guarantee but more a grace gift that was assigned from time to time. He then gave me a form to fill out and said that he would put the request in for me.

The second thing he talked about was how my heavenly bank account had been placed on hold. Heavenly bank accounts, he explained were the unique personal vaults of our inheritance, potential and purpose. I asked him why this had happened and he replied by saying there had been a false accusation filed about me! Because this hadn’t been contested, my bank account was frozen. He told me that all I needed to do was to contest it through Jesus and the hold would be released. He went onto say that this happens a lot! Apparently many people’s heavenly bank accounts are frozen due to uncontested false accusations. He explained heaven’s legal system to me, how a false accusation, even though false, had to be brought to court and contested in order for it to be thrown out.

I woke this morning with this dream urgently on my mind. I decided to pray. Here’s what I prayed.

Jesus, if there’s a grace gift available at the moment where my debts can be forgiven please can you put my name down for it. Also, thank you that you’re my defender and legal representation in heaven. I ask that you will contend and throw out any false accusation that’s been brought against me, anything that’s placed my heavenly bank account on hold. Today let my heavenly bank account be released, let me live in all the resources I’ve rightfully inherited, all the potential I have in you, so that I can fulfill the purpose that’s assigned for my life. Thank you Jesus – you’re awesome.

I went for a walk later on and began to un-pack this. I strongly felt that I should share it with you guys!

I believe that God cares about our whole life – our relationships, our wellbeing and our finances. There’s loads of us out there who feel stuck (financially and in our sense of purpose) – like something has been placed on hold. It’s a feeling of never seeming to get breakthrough. A going round and round in circles.

God reminded me this morning of the importance and simplicity of spiritual warfare – recognizing when the accuser of the brethren (satan) has brought an attack/accusation against you and responding appropriately with all the legal rights we have as sons and daughters of God Himself.

So for any of you out there who feel stuck in finances or other, I’d encourage you to pray today that Jesus will contend for you in the court rooms of heaven. That He disputes any false accusations that satan has placed on your life and releases you from any subsequent limitations.