During September 2010 I had a vision.

In the vision I stood outside a church building – the building had scaffolding all around it. A huge sign was hung off the scaffolding saying “Under Reconstruction.” Even though it was covered in scaffolding the building was still in use – the door was open and I walked in. Inside there were lots of people, and each one of them had a personal scaffolding tower that had been put up around them – this was not restrictive – in fact they were moving around – but the scaffolding would move with them.

I saw a number of interesting things regarding the building.

  • Pillars: Firstly all of the structural pillars had been removed and had been replaced with RSJ’s.
  • Glass: Secondly there was extensive work being done on the roof –  it was being reframed and huge panels of glass were sat near the side ready to be installed into the roof – it looked like the intention was to have a glass roof, or at least huge sky lights. Not only was there sheets of glass intended for the roof but there was a huge supply of new glass stacked up around the side of the church. I think these were for windows.
  • Extension: There was evidence of extension plans – some of the side walls were being knocked through and re structured so that extensions could be built.

Then I heard God speak to me about this vision;

This year (2010-2011) is going to be a year of re-construction. Building work will be happening in my church on a cooperate and individual level. This is not general maintenance – this is an intense, specific, and strategic building project. It has a beginning and an end. It has been planned out and will result in a new looking church, that will have much influence and favour.

In the last few years I have been drawing out the blue prints – some have glimpsed these but they have remained theory until now. However, this is the year the building work begins and I am going to reconstruct my church.

There will be three areas of work and each one will happen on an individual and cooperate level.

  1. Demolition
  2. Restoration
  3. Innovative new extension


Many areas, old mindsets, old visions, old strategies will be knocked down. There are obvious things I will tear down – things that are wrong, but I will also tear down things that were right in their season – I will tear these down because they are no longer right for this season. The house has things in it that are out of date and cumbersome. On a cooperate level you will see some things wind down and stop, other things will crash and fall. Be careful to consider what you rebuild during this time – ask me whether I have done the work of demolition on these areas. Many things that come down are meant to stay down and be replaced by something better.

On an individual level I will be working on the same basis – you will have an unusual amount of people coming to you with mess and rubble – these will be people who are normally the sorted ones – its important that they know they are in the middle of reconstruction – there is a plan – the outcome is better than they could ever imagine. Many have lost their way, many have lost their adventure, many have lost their destiny, and I will be restoring it to them. They need to know as they see the rubble that there is a purpose to this and I have set aside more than enough resources for the completion of this project – they will not be left with rubble and mess – I will complete what I begin.


This is not entirely a new build – there are many wonderful treasures and masterpieces in my church that I’m going to send specialists to restore. This will be a delicate work not done by hammer and chisel but by paintbrush and pen. There are two main areas of restoration that will take place. The first is Worship and the second is Teaching.

The worship that will exist in this church will be a beautiful masterpiece  – many will come to see it and be part of it. The paintbrush will be put back in the hand of the worshipper – creativity and inspiration will thrive.

I am going to restore to you an appetite for Teaching. I have put a pen in your hand and I will write many things on your walls, you will be a place of truth and knowledge.

Innovative new extension

New strategies, new models and new visions will be built. On an individual level many who have gone under demolition will get fresh ideas, fresh vision. On a cooperate level I will be adding new extensions to your vision as a church. Do not ignore the new Christian or new members of the church – much of the new will come from these people. Do not necessarily write them off because they have little history with you – I have brought some people to you recently, specifically for this work. These people will add to your existing vision – their ideas and strategies will be innovative and modern not copied from other churches but formed through intimacy and friendship with me. It’s time to listen – listen listen listen. Hear people’s dreams and ask me which ones are for the new design. These new extensions will look different but will be complimentary.