How do you hear from God? How do you sense what He’s doing? One of the ways the bible talks about people tuning into God’s heart is having a ‘seer gift’. In my time as a pastor (back in the day) I witnessed many people mis-understand this gift – thinking it was only about extraordinary spiritual people seeing angels and experiencing heavenly realms. Sometimes that does happen but what they didn’t grasp was that the mainstay of the seer gift is an approach – a way of seeing things, which is a God given ability. Often, it’s the ability to instinctively see the spiritual activity and seasons in normal everyday life.

So maybe you’re a ‘seer’ and you’ve never counted yourself in?

Just for fun here is my list of a few seer traits –

Seers see analogies everywhere
Seers notice things that others pass by
Seers ask a lot of questions to God about everyday life events
Seers love analysing films, books and current media
Seers are frequent followers of World news
Seers often have a dramatic dream life
Seers are day-dreamers
Seers often notice the same thing multiple times in a short space of time

My feeling is there are far more seers out there than we think and maybe you’re one of them? God is stirring up this gift right now. Don’t worry if you don’t fit a Christian box – just take notice of who you are, what you see and ask God to grow the gift in you.