Will the reformers please stand up

About a week ago in a private prayer time with the Lord, I had a picture of an hour glass. God’s hand came and turned the hour glass. Then I heard God speak in an internal voice and say; “Will the reformers please stand up.” I prayed some more, mainly asking God what this meant and I felt Him say that this was the hour of reformation – a special time in history where we will see the rising up of significant people whom God will use to reform the church, politics and culture.

This command will the reformers please stand up” really caught my attention as it felt familiar. After some research I figured it out. It was similar to the catchphrase used on the of American TV show ‘To Tell the Truth. I’m sure some of you remember it and the rest of us a version of it – usually 3-4 people would all say that they were the same person but obviously only one was telling the truth. After giving their compelling stories, the game show host would bring the show to it’s climax saying, “will the real Mr/Mrs. . . . please stand up.”

I believe God is saying that in this hour (spiritual season) we are hitting the climax of much talk, ideas and opinions. This is the hour of truth where the real reformers will stand up and be revealed. There will be a clarity between those who know what to say and those who are what they say. Those who are what they say will have a huge anointing to change the world in the sphere that God has designated for them.

I believe we are set for a period of history that will be another great reformation.There will be reformation on many levels but the key thing in this time is the recognition and release of God’s reformers – men and women who will bring about huge change and influence. They will bring solutions to the worlds many problems.

The wall will fall down

I began to ask God what’s so special about now and He showed me a vision. In the vision He began to show me this huge wall that had been built up between the church and the rest of the world. As I looked closer I could see that the building blocks of this wall had names carved in them. There was a variety of names that had built up this wall; Self doubt, fear, political correctness, individualism were the ones I saw but I got the impression there were others too. I asked the Lord about this wall. I felt Him say that this wall had been built up by both the church (unknowingly) and the spiritual forces of darkness (knowingly). He told me that apart from a few brave ones many Saints had been kept from their destinies as reformers because of this wall. Then He took me closer and showed me the cracks that were emerging in the wall and said “this wall is falling down – it’s time for reformation.”

As I pondered this vision I was reminded of President Regans famous speech to Gorbachev regarding the Berlin Wall. I was actually in a meeting a couple of weeks ago where someone quoted part of the speech so it wasn’t far from my mind. The famous part is, “General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall! 

But as I looked up this speech and read further on I was overwhelmed by a prophetic decree spoken by President Regan, he said,

Yes, across Europe, this wall will fall. For it cannot withstand faith; it cannot withstand truth. The wall cannot withstand freedom.

I believe this is a prophetic decree for this time, not for a physical wall but for the spiritual wall of opposition that the Lord showed me.

Release of supernatural boldness

The significant heavenly anointing that will be imparted at this time will be supernatural boldness/courage. The Lord showed me that people had been receiving heavenly ideas and innovations for some time but had remained theorists because of a lack of boldness/courage. The boldness I saw was supernatural, I saw it come from heaven like rain – I believe it will fall on the church in this time and take people from theory to action.

God wants you to ask yourself whether He has placed reformation on your heart. Do not be put off by your history or education – if you hear that call from God, whether its a booming voice from heaven or the still small voice within your heart – that’s your commission. There will be people who have had no heart for reformation begin to get an appetite for it in this hour. 

Children of the reformation

God also gave me a snapshot of some of what will happen in this time of reformation and it’s truly awesome. Last night I had a significant prophetic dream. It had three parts to it and each part involved how God was going to move among children.

1. A heightened and strategic prayer movement for children

In the first part of the dream, two children had been kidnapped. As soon as I heard this had happened I phoned my pastor and asked him to start praying and mobilize prayer. Task force prayer teams were sent out on the streets and they began a detailed search for these children.

I felt God was saying that a co-ordinated prayer movement would emerge in the church that would understand strategy and through prayer protect the spiritual, physical and emotional well being of our children.

2. Lost children returned home

In the next part of the dream many I saw an adult return to the Lord. As he kneeled on the floor weeping under the power of the Holy Spirit I saw him as a child growing up in Christian faith.

I felt God say that this was one of many that the Spirit Himself would touch and bring home.

3. Many children come to faith

Lastly I saw the most touching scene. A small child, maybe 6-8 years old was overcome with the joy of the Holy Spirit and kneeling on the floor said over and over again that they wanted Jesus in their heart. This child was not part of church.

I felt so strongly that God was showing me one of many children who in this next decade would be utterly transformed by the Fathers love –  a great revival among children.

I’m sharing with you what I believe God has been sharing with me. It’s a mixture of visions, dreams, internal voice and deep inner-knowing that I believe is from God but it’s important that you prayerfully discern it. I’m intrigued to see this next season flesh itself out and I am asking God what this means in my own life. The call of the reformer and the preparation to see many children reached by the glorious love of the Father is a challenging and wonderful future. My very being is saying a big loud ‘YES’ to this and I hope that I’m going to be a part of seeing this happen.