I’m so excited to have a guest post from Mark Reid on the prophetic inspiration behind his worship album ‘Calling’. Mark has agreed to be one of the prophetic writers of our community ‘Prophetic Roadhouse’ and this is his first piece! Mark comes from a rich prophetic heritage and his voice is one that I believe we’re in need of hearing. His honesty and pure hearted desire to worship God resounds the cry of a forerunner in today’s complex world. Please give him lots of facebook love (likes&shares) and if you resonate with what he says, go buy his album!


Writing ‘Calling’ was very significant for me, as I’ve journeyed with and written these songs over the past five years. They reflect a season in my life where the Lord was specifically telling me what He thinks about me. As you listen to this album, you’ll come across the theme of ‘identity.’ So, as I write this short piece describing the album I’m also opening up to some of my journey, specifically how the Holy Spirit prophetically established my core being.

For myself, and (I believe) many others alike, the cry of the heart is to be influential and to be significant. We see big time ministries and people speaking or leading thousands and we say ‘I want that.’ I remember in my late teens I often prayed that I will be an influence to people and I believe that it’s a good prayer to pray. But, God knows the position of the human heart and in my own youth and immaturity I had much to learn, especially about the love of God, so when the trials and tests came I could stand on firm ground.

During this season I was led to the life of David, and much of this album is influenced from studying his journey with the Lord.

The life of David is a profoundly moving section of Scripture to read. First and Second Samuel show the events of David’s life, but the Psalms reflect the movements of David’s heart. David was a man who knew God, knew God’s love and was firmly established in it. So, I will walk through two significant themes, which give insight into some of what the Lord is saying in this short 6 track EP.

1. Success is knowing our identity in God

“Fill your horn with oil, and go. I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite, for I have provided for myself a king among his sons.” 1 Samuel 16:1 ESV

The way we define our success is generally where we build our identity. For many, success is measured by how big the bank account is, or the position in the workplace, or followers on Instagram. These things aren’t necessarily bad, but we cannot afford to make them our primary identity, otherwise we’re building our houses on sand (Matthew 7:24-27). 1 Samuel 16:1 is beautiful for one simple reason – we are primarily called to love God and to enjoy His love in return.

If we analyze this, we notice that this passage points out to us that before title, ministry, influence, job or whatever – our primary calling in life is to be God’s, to simply love God and be loved in return. It is in this that we are successful.

The title track “Calling” speaks this very message. It was written during a confusing season where I encountered a lot of bitterness and envy toward others. The point of the song is to recognize that I am His before anything else. I don’t need to strive to be somebody ‘for God’ – He loves me already and He is calling me to be His own, His beloved!

This is the word that people in this generation need to hear. If we can live our lives from the perspective that we are unconditionally loved by God, and that when we choose to love Him in return (even if our love is weak and distracted) we are already successful in His eyes, that makes all the difference. It doesn’t matter how I get on when I lead worship, or a service or the prayer meeting. It doesn’t matter how ‘anointed’ I come across, and it certainly doesn’t matter how many albums I sell – He is already impressed with me!

2. His presence is the substance that brings life.

“One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord All the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in His temple.” Psalm 27:4 NKJV

I have made this verse the statement of my life and I will always come back to it. To pursue and long for the presence of the Lord. His presence is the substance that brings life. It gives me joy and it sustains me through all the various testing’s that life throws at me.

Christianity in the 21st Century can be difficult to keep feeling ‘fresh’. I believe this is partly due to the increase in accessibility and usability of technology. With an iPhone, iPad or Mac never too far away it makes it hard to switch off and be ‘off the grid’. Although technology and social media can be great, even toward proclaiming the gospel message, they also present the ability to busy our minds and draw us into an isolated world, which can distract us from what the Father is saying. Andrew Sullivan confesses that the greatest threat toward the Christian faith is not hedonism but simply distraction. Technology and social media have an ability to distract us in such a way that we lose intimacy with God and become numb to His voice. It is too easy to ‘check-out’ in front of Netflix for a whole day instead of reading, praying or even going outside. I’m not intending to be a ‘law junkie’ but this speaks of our generation needing wisdom in this area, and He is the source of all wisdom. Proverbs conveys numerous times that wisdom is more valuable than any gold, silver or precious ruby. We must cherish it and diligently search for it. The song ‘One Thing I Ask’ simply says this, it’s a confession of a hungry heart yearning for more of God but also longing for His wisdom!

The intention of this album is to bring the listener into a place of stillness and prayer, with the hope that they begin to realize the love that God has for them, and choose to love Him in return – enjoy.

Check out ‘Calling’ here

Mark Reid

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