What I’ve Done

My Ministry Roles

Associate Pastor, Woodlands Church 2001-2009
Prayer & Prophetic Pastor,Woodlands Church, 2009-2011

Over the last ten years, I’ve worked for Woodlands Group of Churches. Woodlands Central is a large city-centre church in Bristol. For the last 3 years I’ve been on the Senior Leadership Team serving as the Prayer & Prophetic Pastor. In this role I’ve been a regular preacher/teacher, set up ‘Hungry for More’, created and taught mid-week training schools, established prophetic clinics, healing mornings, prayer events and led a regular Sunday service.

Prayer events

An annual prayer week including 24-7 prayer and termly half-nights of prayer.

Healing Mornings

A drop-in session held once a term each year, advertised in the local community.

Preaching & teaching

Sunday Service preaching & teaching on both the morning and evening rotas.

Mid-week Training Courses

Ongoing courses on topics such as Healing, Growing in the Prophetic, and Understanding Spiritual Gifts.

Prophetic Clinics 2008-2011

A monthly prophetic clinic serviced by a prophetic team. We have around 30 clinics available each month for which anyone can book a slot. Sessions last for around 20 minutes. The prophetic teams usually consist of 5 people including a team leader.

Hungry for More

A mid-week encounter and equipping meeting involving worship, intercession, teaching & ministry to empower Christians to be powerful and confident ministers of The Gospel in their daily lives.

Co-Founder & Co-Director of LoveBristol, 2004-2011

Alongside my work with Woodlands Church, I’ve pioneered Lovebristol together with co-directors Clare & Greg Thompson. Lovebristol is a charity with a spiritual community at its heart operating within urban Bristol. Lovebristol’s community of believers seek to impact the city with supernatural kindness, healing and innovation. Together we have pursued an exciting spiritual journey and over the last 7 years we have run significant projects that have impacted both Christian and wider communities. These projects include:

Release2010 Healing Conference

In 2009 we felt a prophetic stirring to host a healing conference for Bristol and the South West of England. Bristol is a significant spiritual city, often referred to as a ‘gateway city’. We believed there was something powerful that God wanted to release to His church. Most of my time in 2009/2010 was targeted at organising Release2010. We invited Bill Johnson (Bethel Church, CA) and Mark Stibbe (Father’s House Trust) to be our main speakers, booked the biggest venue in Bristol and planned a 3-day equipping conference with an edge.

Prayer on the Streets

In 2008 a few of us from LoveBristol decided to set up ‘Prayer on the Streets’. We carved out a regular time in the week to offer a listening ear, a friendly chat or a faith-inspired prayer to the passers by. Over the years we’ve gotten to know many regulars, had countless meaningful chats, cried with people, laughed with people, prayed with people, seen lives changed for the better and witnessed God intervene supernaturally by healing sickness and giving peace.

LoveBristol Festival

One of the first major things we embarked on in LoveBristol was to partner with others in the city to put on ‘LoveBristol Festival 2006’. This festival was designed to be an expression of love and care for the people of south Bristol. South Bristol is one of the most impoverished areas within the UK. The festival recruited 1,000 young people who gave 20,000 hours of help and care over a 5 day period – projects ranged from garden clearing, painting houses, clearing rubbish, to painting murals on primary schools playgrounds. This was capped of with a local festival in Hengrove Park where 10,000 residents came and enjoyed a free party on us.

Spiritual Heritage Bus Tour

As part of Release2010 we created the Spiritual Heritage Bus Tour. We commissioned a couple of our best historians and organizers to research the spiritual heritage of the city (Bristol is rich in spiritual heritage!) and put together a tour on an open-top bus. As part of the conference there was an opportunity for the delegates to take a tour. This was such a great success that the bus company we hired from wanted to make it a permanent tour that the city offers. Now, as part of Bristol’s tourism package is a Spiritual Heritage Bus Tour!

Jesus Streets

While I was organising Release2010, an idea came up in LoveBristol of commissioning a film. We wanted to capture the healing movement that seemed to be spreading across the UK. Amazingly, we found a fantastic film producer Simon Morris to take on this endeavour and together we produced “Jesus Streets” a 40-minute documentary on the organic Jesus ministry that was happening throughout the United Kingdom. We launched the sale of the DVD at Release2010 and are currently marketing it across Christian book stores across the UK.

Treasure Stokes Croft

This is a charity shop with a difference. The money made goes to the local community needs.

Associate Evangelist, Winning Ways 2001-2006

Winning Ways is an organization that was founded by Evangelist Philip Jinadu. Its aim is to come alongside local churches to bring church health and ultimately church growth. Over the five years working with Philip and the Winning Ways team I was involved in teaching across a number of linked churches, consulting with leaders of local churches, producing creative resources and facilitating city-wide inter-church events such as ‘Prayer for the Harvest’.

Future Telling @Glastonbury Festival 2001-2011

I have been part of the team that runs the Elemental venue at Glastonbury Festival for 10 years now. It’s probably one of the most exciting things I get to do all year! Glastonbury Festival is Britain’s largest music festival and Elemental is the Christian Arts venue on site. The festival runs for 5 days and over 150,000 people come to party through to the early hours with a cocktail of music, drugs and wide-ranging spirituality. The Elemental team is made up from Christian artists, healers and prophets from all over – usually about 40 of us service the venue.

The venue does many things; it’s a comfy, creative space of sofas, art and coffee. It has performances, free hair-washing, free foot washing, healing, future telling, late-night discussions and much more.

My role has been heading up the future telling and healing ministries that operate out of the venue. I remember the first year we offered ‘future telling’ – it was treated with a little suspicion but slowly and surely as God revealed His heart over people word got out and today we can hardly keep up with the demand.