Simply Word and Spirit

by Ruth Lorensson

Simply Word and Spirit dissects the division between people and churches “of the Word” and those “of the Spirit”, then illuminates the path of power through unification.

Ruth Lorensson crosses cultural chasms to show the consequences of this divide, and what it’s causing us to miss out on. After debunking division, Ruth uses scripture & personal stories to show that the Word and Spirit must be held together in order to access the cumulative power that was always by-design.

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See, I’m Doing Something Small

I asked God about the year we’re heading into, what’s going on spiritually, what’s on His heart for us. I heard Him say, “See, I’m doing something small” It made me smile, that way that God speaks to me, I felt the warmth of His humor that pulls me in, as always, to the intriguing conversation with the Holy Spirit.

Prophetic Integrity in a Political World

I've been procrastinating for months on writing this article because quite frankly I wasn't sure I should write it. When is it right to speak? And more importantly what motivates us to speak up? These questions have been at the forefront of my mind. I've wrestled with...

The Autonomic Healing Podcast

Ruth co-hosts the Autonomic Healing Podcast with therapist Tom Pals. Listen in, as they explore the beneficial impact of Autonomic Healing for the mind, body and spirit.