Heavens operator of finance!

Last night I had a dream. A dream, I believe God imparted some insight to me. I was in heaven and I got introduced to the operator of finance there. Now just an aside, I don’t often have dreams where I’m in heaven and I’ve also never ever met an operator of finance who lives there until now.

In the dream I started talking to this person, who they called the operator of finance, and he began to reveal a couple of key facts. The first thing he said to me was “Do you know Ruth that you can request that your debts can be forgiven?” He was talking about actual financial debt that we incur here on earth not a spiritual analogy. He told me that many don’t request this but that there was a place in the courts of heaven where he could request it for me. It wasn’t a guarantee but more a grace gift that was assigned from time to time. He then gave me a form to fill out and said that he would put the request in for me.

The second thing he talked about was how my heavenly bank account had been placed on hold. Heavenly bank accounts, he explained were the unique personal vaults of our inheritance, potential and purpose. I asked him why this had happened and he replied by saying there had been a false accusation filed about me! Because this hadn’t been contested, my bank account was frozen. He told me that all I needed to do was to contest it through Jesus and the hold would be released. He went onto say that this happens a lot! Apparently many people’s heavenly bank accounts are frozen due to uncontested false accusations. He explained heaven’s legal system to me, how a false accusation, even though false, had to be brought to court and contested in order for it to be thrown out.

I woke this morning with this dream urgently on my mind. I decided to pray. Here’s what I prayed.

Jesus, if there’s a grace gift available at the moment where my debts can be forgiven please can you put my name down for it. Also, thank you that you’re my defender and legal representation in heaven. I ask that you will contend and throw out any false accusation that’s been brought against me, anything that’s placed my heavenly bank account on hold. Today let my heavenly bank account be released, let me live in all the resources I’ve rightfully inherited, all the potential I have in you, so that I can fulfill the purpose that’s assigned for my life. Thank you Jesus – you’re awesome.

I went for a walk later on and began to un-pack this. I strongly felt that I should share it with you guys!

I believe that God cares about our whole life – our relationships, our wellbeing and our finances. There’s loads of us out there who feel stuck (financially and in our sense of purpose) – like something has been placed on hold. It’s a feeling of never seeming to get breakthrough. A going round and round in circles.

God reminded me this morning of the importance and simplicity of spiritual warfare – recognizing when the accuser of the brethren (satan) has brought an attack/accusation against you and responding appropriately with all the legal rights we have as sons and daughters of God Himself.

So for any of you out there who feel stuck in finances or other, I’d encourage you to pray today that Jesus will contend for you in the court rooms of heaven. That He disputes any false accusations that satan has placed on your life and releases you from any subsequent limitations.


The Weary Traveler and the Energy of Longing

Two weeks ago, I was cradling my Starbucks coffee in Philadelphia airport. I had 4 hours layover and I already regretted my choice to save some dollars by booking a complicated trip back home from England.

Within a week I’d travelled from Denver to London Heathrow, Heathrow to Cheltenham England, Cheltenham to Birmingham, Birmingham to Glasgow and back, Birmingham to Cheltenham, Cheltenham to Bristol, Bristol to Wales, Wales to London Heathrow, Heathrow to Manchester, Manchester to Philadelphia and here I was waiting for my last leg of the journey, Philadelphia to Denver. It was truly a case of planes, trains and automobiles – that is without the humor and drama.

I was weary to say the least. Not only with the insane amount of traveling but the journey I’d taken spiritually and emotionally that week. I’d gone back to the UK to say goodbye to my dear mum. Her funeral was held in Glasgow on Tuesday. This is something that nothing really in life can prepare you for. As I went from day to day that week, my mind was flooded with memories, questions and thoughts. I’d talked through this grief very pragmatically with friends over a glass of wine, agreeing that she was “in a better place” but then I uncontrollably sobbed watching “Mothers Day” rom com on the plane back to the US. My minute by minute emotional state seemed to fluctuate with no prior warning.

I knew I was weary – my Starbucks wasn’t cutting it. Philadelphia airport had good shops and I had no energy to take advantage! I was clearly at the end of my reserves. I picked up my phone and decided to look through my photos. I started going through all the crazy cute photos of my kids, Titus (5) and Penny (3) . They’d obviously got hold of my phone at some point and taken a LOAD of silly photos of themselves. This made me laugh. Within a few minutes, I found myself full of energy and refocused. These images of them made me realize how much I longed to see them and this longing filled me with joyful energy. I felt rerouted, full of purpose and hopeful of my journeys end.

Since I’ve been home, this little moment in the airport has been on my mind. I’ve felt God speak to me through it, using it as an analogy for some spiritual truths. Often God speaks through life’s little moments and I believe this was one of them. So here’s what I sense God is saying about the weary traveler and the energy of longing.

The Weary Traveler

First off, God started speaking to me about the weary traveler. How there are many, many, many of them in His church. They don’t necessarily look bedraggled cynics either. Some are pastors, some worship leaders, some are the best attendees, others had opted out of church completely.

I sensed that God was sad. Not at the weary traveler but at a Christian culture whose frustration and disdain for the weary traveler had silenced this vital voice. A voice that brings more questions than answers, a voice that searches for meaning and authenticity, a voice that takes time to listen to. I think it’s been silenced because it’s an uncomfortable voice, one which examines truth and asks the hard questions.

In John Bunyan’s famous book “Pilgrims progress”, life is likened to a spiritual journey from this world to the heavenly world. There are many stops along the way and many stories told. The further you go the more understanding you gain, the more questions you have and the more people you meet. There are times when the traveler can feel weary on that journey, especially emotionally and spiritually. Weariness can cause us to go round and round in circles losing our sense of direction (which is wise to be aware of) but it can also cause us to dig deep and rise above the trivial drives of our culture.

Weariness is a real part of the spiritual journey we’re on. There’s a reason for weariness for the Christian and it’s not because someone’s out of sync with God! It’s because there are times of our journey where we’ve visited multiple stops and seen them multiple times. When this happens you can see things from a different perspective, a more broad more complicated world unfolds and the spiritual eye candy that used to energize you doesn’t do it anymore. I believe it’s a mature part of our journey, one that can refine you if you understand God purposes within it. It has the ability, if surrounded by love to bring us to a place of truth and revelation.

I believe God wants us to re-think our approach to the weary traveler. We need to know that wisdom is crouching at the door when a weary traveler is present. And, if you’re the weary traveler, God wants you to know you’re on a divine journey, where your dissatisfaction with the status quo can bring renewal to not only you but many others.

The Children of Promise

Saying that, no-one ( I know) wants to stay in a perpetual state of weariness. It’s supposed to serve a purpose for a season. The problem though, is when you’ve reached that place of weariness, the spiritual comfort foods that used to lift you up don’t do it anymore. The motivational preach, other people’s vision, the books, podcasts, worship CDs lose their edge. It’s not to say that they lose their place all together but any weary traveler knows the truth that these alone are not YOUR faith. The only thing that will set you alive again will be pure true vision that God has intertwined with your unique DNA. You hit a point where the only thing that counts is the real thing – it has to be your faith, your vision, your passion and no-one else’s.

So here’s where I interject with a prophetic intuition. I sense that vision is going to be imparted in this season to the many spiritual weary travelers. I believe that God is going to reveal the ‘children of promise’ to these individuals through prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The children of promise, is my way of saying, the dreams and legacy for an individual. They are as real and authentic as the blood ties of family. These are the unique purposes for each person that aren’t influenced by popularity or trend. This is the real deal – what you were made for.

For some of you’ve been on a journey where you’ve had to sift through your beliefs and your world view. You’ve had to reject what’s not real, in order to reach a place that is. A path that’s not always good for popularity! But I believe that Gods divine timing is hovering over this subject. Maybe your one stop away from finding what home is? What real is for you.

The sign of authenticity is the energy of longing

Intuitiveness is key to the weary traveler. They cannot be coerced into passion. The ‘world shaker’ dreams, ‘drive to be special’ mandates are like distant cousins, fondly remembered but not part of their real world.

Most weary travelers have tried to buy into passion more than once. But the trying itself is the haunting reminder that this passion belongs to someone else.

But I believe when the ‘children of promise’ are revealed, authenticity will be proved. You see, when God Himself shows you your children of promise, in that same split second you will receive the energy of longing.

When I was sat in Philadelphia airport looking at the photos of my kids, I instantly wanted to see them. This longing was accompanied by energy and joy, not frustration or travail. I knew they were mine, I knew they weren’t far and this energized me.

I believe a vision is coming, to show you your children of promise. Some of these prophetic signs will remind you of what’s already yours, some prophetic photos will show you the children to come. Either way, the test of authencity will be how it effects you – if you receive the energy of longing I believe this is the bona fide partnership of God working in and through you.

So look up weary traveler. You’re a treasure to this world. And so are your children.

Prophecy in the fog

I was on a morning walk a few days ago and I began to ask God to give me some insight into what was happening in our world right now. I immediately saw a vision (with my physical sight) of a thick billowing fog rolling across the earth.

The Holy Spirit didn’t elaborate on the fog itself at first, but I instinctively knew it represented the spiritual, emotional and mental climate that’s resting on earth right now.

Before I had chance to dwell on the fog, I sensed that the Holy Spirit was excited – strange I know! He wasn’t excited about the fog, more how the fog would make His people rise up. He began revealing to me how this specific environment was going to be a training ground for a super colossal impartation of the prophetic gift.

I heard Him say (in an inner voice) to me;
“I’m going to teach countless people how to prophesy in the fog. The specific boundaries/restrictions of this environment will catapult the prophetic ministry into a new levels – it will go higher (accuracy), wider (involve more people) and deeper (jealously carrying the authentic heart of the Father as the only standard).

I began to ask God lots of questions about the fog and what this prophetic movement would look like.

Here’s what I got:

The Fog
I didn’t get any insight on why the fog was here or how long it would stay but I did sense God reveal how this fog impacts people. Unfortunately it has many detrimental consequences for people living their lives within it. The three things that God highlighted to me were;

1. In the fog people loose sight of people.
2. In the fog things appear more fearful than they actually are.
3. In the fog confusion leads to wrong choices.

In this strange environment, the need of the prophetic ministry has never been higher. People everywhere (of all faiths and walks of life) will need a Godly spiritual breakthrough in seeing and hearing. This is because what we’ve heavily relied on (our physical senses) have now been distorted with what’s resting on the earth. I sense that people will be crying out for prophetic truth, wisdom and guidance. I also see prophetic people saving people from making terrible choices through powerful prophetic words.

The Holy Spirit showed me that the prophetic gift would be lavishly given out to those who want it with the condition that they hold onto God’s sure foundations. These are;

1. The gift will be grounded with a love for people. It will be used to connect people, heal people and bring people together. Unity is at the heart of this prophetic movement.

2. The gift will be used to dispel fear. Hope is the gift that people will be giving.

If these two foundations are in place, God will give us a new level of power in the prophetic. He will hand us the prophetic word that comes in the form of the sword (Hebrews 4:12), that cuts through the most dense confusion, revealing truth.

The Sword will enable highly accurate prophetic words, used to bring clarity and vision. These words will bring diagnosis to perplexing situations, and will empower people to make good choices in the fog.

This is no time to kick back and relax in the prophetic gift. It’s time to push in. Take risks. Be proactive. Pick up the pace.

But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it. Matthew 13: 16-17 NIV

Dot To Dot Jesus

Just over a month ago, while I was visiting England, I had a prophetic image come to my mind. I saw in my mind’s eye a map of the world and on top of it was an elaborate Dot To Dot image of the face of Jesus. I’m assuming most of you know what I mean by Dot To Dot ? The children’s puzzle, where you connect the numbered dots in order to draw a picture. It was such a striking picture and it immediately sent me into a place of deep questioning with God.

Here’s what I felt the Holy Spirit say about it;

I believe that God is issuing a huge worldwide commission for unity right now. This is more than churches working together, big conferences and big ministries; it’s about the mobilization of a movement of people who confess Jesus as their Lord and Savior. These are the nameless and faceless population of the globe, God’s secret army, who has in their reach the fulfillment of the great commission – to make visible the face of Jesus across the world.

You see, in the picture I saw there were trillions of dots, all needing to be connected. I believe these represented individual people. The fulfillment of making Jesus visible to the world rests on ordinary folks who follow Him. Christians that reach out to each other in love, crossing the cultural, denominational and theological barriers that have fragmented how we’ve represented Christ to the World. It’s an epic movement of love, a great coming together and it involves every – single – Christian.

So what’s to be done?

I believe God wants us individually to take responsibility for our place in this movement. We’ve got to move away from the mindset that church pastors/staff are there to do the job He’s given us to do. Their job is to make us great at ours – and I bless them for that. We need to figure out where we’re at in this. Believing that we’re vital.

So it’s time, right now, to take your place. Who have you got to reach out to? Look ahead of you, look behind you. Reach out and connect your dots – the ones only you can connect. Choose love. Over every bit of preference and doctrine, choose love. And while you think all your doing is living out your life, doing your small bit, know this – you are part of a great reveal, a time in history where people of every tribe and every tongue will see Him – the Saviour of the world.

“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John 13:35 NLT

It’s About Time

I was chatting with God yesterday and felt Him say (kind of out of the blue) “It’s all about timing”. I prayed and then I had a vision of many people who’d had something that they had been working on but was not quite yet public – something important to them (a new project/a move/a ministry/a business plan/ something they wanted to launch etc). God showed me that for these people the most important thing right now was timing. Right timing will be the thing that will bring success. I continued to see in a vision angels handing out clocks and watches of all different sorts to different people; huge grandfather clocks, stop clocks, digital clocks, wrist watches and so on.

I felt God was saying:

“Stop asking whether or not what you are doing is right, deep down you know that it is – that matter is settled. The real question right now is, what is the right timing for this? What type of clock have I given you? What does it mean? Be patient ask for understanding and watch your clock for the right timing. This isn’t one size fits all – you have been assigned a specific time to launch what I have established in your heart. Don’t look at others or other trends, look to me and I will give you the right timing. To those that have been given a grandfather clock. it feels like progress is slow – like it’s taking forever but what I have given you is ground breaking and will last through 3 generations – be patient, you will know by hearing me not watching for a sign. To those who have been given a stop clock there is a short window of time for you to launch – you need to know when that is – you need to be positioned to go – ask me!”

The Gold Steering Wheel

This morning as I was driving my son to preschool the sun shone on a brooch I was wearing and lit up my steering wheel as if it was gold glitter. I felt God say (strangely) that He was giving some people an upgrade of a GOLD STEERING WHEEL! He is upgrading the steering wheel part in many people’s ministry/calling/business. Interesting that it’s not an engine upgrade (power) but a steering upgrade (ability to navigate). I felt that this could impact people’s ability to have more assertiveness, clarity and even courage on decisions on where to go – what next turn to take etc in our life callings.

Wise Sight

I was spending time with God and in my minds eye I saw a picture of an Owl wearing glasses! Then I heard God say “I’m bringing Wise Sight”.  I asked God what this meant and felt Him this;

The Seer prophetic gift is being released in this season but it will be given to those who carry wisdom. The Wings of Wisdom are now at flight and She shall find My Seers. It will be a unique combination – a marriage of unstoppable force.  Many of My people have had visions and dreams but they haven’t had wisdom to see these become reality. Many others have been gifted with Wisdom for years but haven’t been given a context to use it.  But today is a new day. Wise sight is here.

So watch out you wise folks ( young and old) visions and dreams are coming your way! And position yourselves you Seers, the gift of Wisdom is being given.

Inheriting cities

In October 2009 I had a prophetic dream. Here’s the account.

“In the dream I had inherited a huge house – this house can only be described as the size of a city. It’s rooms were vast – had basements and unending levels. Although it was enormous it had no furniture and was in disrepair. I remember feeling overwhelmed with this inheritance knowing it was virtually impossible for me alone to make this feel like a home. I remember contemplating giving it up as I had no idea how to manage it but I knew that it was too big an inheritance to pass by. Soon I decided the only way to occupy this house was to invite many people to live in it. I invited a small group to start with and within a few hours it seemed they had already decorated and converted the kitchen. This was the pattern. As this proceeded I began to wander and ended up in the basement level. It was here I began to find secret hidden things. In one room there was a small old wooden door in the middle of one of the walls – I opened it to find a wine cellar. I picked out a dusty bottle of red wine and on the label it said it was bottled in 1771. I went to another room and in the middle of the room was a huge bottle of perfume so big it reached the ceiling.”

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The sun of righteousness is here with healing in its wings 

In March 2008 I had a prophetic dream. Here’s what happened.

In the dream there were a large number of Christians gathered together in a church building – many were praying for healing for the sick – there seemed to be a lot of partial healing going on – everyone trying – no one was healed completely. Then someone in the church building shouted out “The sun of righteousness is here with healing in its wings” (Malachi 4: 2) at this, from the left side of the building came a radiant bright wave of His presence so powerful that no-one could stand. As this happened a dove flew into the sanctuary with an olive branch in its mouth and landed right in front of me.

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