The other night I had a dream.

I was working for a church and the leader took me aside and showed me an architectural map of the church, this wasn’t a map of the church building but rather the ministries that existed. Then he told me that he had made me a shareholder – he pointed to a section of the map and said that he had given me the shares in this area. As soon as I received the knowledge that I was a co-owner my mind was filled with all sorts of supernatural vision and wisdom for this area of ministry. I began to plan, dream, build like never before.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the significance of this dream especially in the area of spiritual inheritance and the importance of releasing leaders within the church.

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The Overcomer

We’ve just made one of the most significant decisions of our family life so far. We are moving. From Urban Bristol all the way to Sunny California. It’s been on the cards for a while but we feel this is the right time for us to taste America as a family in ministry. Our plan is to go in January 2012.

Now, what’s really interesting about this move is that a lot of well known respected prophets are warning people about the judgements that are to come for Southern California – weirdly a lot of them are for 2012. Hurricanes, tsunamis, riots on the streets, the collapse of the dollar and a dirty bomb are some of the prospects for us. The reason I’m writing about this is not to comment on what I think about the actual prophesies (although thats an important topic in itself) rather I wanted to share with you how intrigued I was with my own reaction on hearing these predictions that oddly collided with our move.

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Inheriting cities

In October 2009 I had a prophetic dream. Here’s the account.

“In the dream I had inherited a huge house – this house can only be described as the size of a city. It’s rooms were vast – had basements and unending levels. Although it was enormous it had no furniture and was in disrepair. I remember feeling overwhelmed with this inheritance knowing it was virtually impossible for me alone to make this feel like a home. I remember contemplating giving it up as I had no idea how to manage it but I knew that it was too big an inheritance to pass by. Soon I decided the only way to occupy this house was to invite many people to live in it. I invited a small group to start with and within a few hours it seemed they had already decorated and converted the kitchen. This was the pattern. As this proceeded I began to wander and ended up in the basement level. It was here I began to find secret hidden things. In one room there was a small old wooden door in the middle of one of the walls – I opened it to find a wine cellar. I picked out a dusty bottle of red wine and on the label it said it was bottled in 1771. I went to another room and in the middle of the room was a huge bottle of perfume so big it reached the ceiling.”

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The sun of righteousness is here with healing in its wings 

In March 2008 I had a prophetic dream. Here’s what happened.

In the dream there were a large number of Christians gathered together in a church building – many were praying for healing for the sick – there seemed to be a lot of partial healing going on – everyone trying – no one was healed completely. Then someone in the church building shouted out “The sun of righteousness is here with healing in its wings” (Malachi 4: 2) at this, from the left side of the building came a radiant bright wave of His presence so powerful that no-one could stand. As this happened a dove flew into the sanctuary with an olive branch in its mouth and landed right in front of me.

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Rivers and Reservoirs

I was in a regular staff meeting when suddenly out of nowhere I saw a prophetic picture whiz by my mind. It was of a reservoir, a large concrete reservoir. Within seconds, a huge fist came down from the sky towards the reservoirs walls and smashed it. I heard the Lord say;

“I am coming to break down the reservoir mentality within the church and instead My church will be a river.”

Since then I have been doing a bit of research about reservoirs and rivers. I feel that these strong analogies have much to say about our life as the body of Christ, especially the life of the Spirit within the church today. Continue reading Rivers and Reservoirs

2010-2011 A Year of Reconstruction

During September 2010 I had a vision.

In the vision I stood outside a church building – the building had scaffolding all around it. A huge sign was hung off the scaffolding saying “Under Reconstruction.” Even though it was covered in scaffolding the building was still in use – the door was open and I walked in. Inside there were lots of people, and each one of them had a personal scaffolding tower that had been put up around them – this was not restrictive – in fact they were moving around – but the scaffolding would move with them. Continue reading 2010-2011 A Year of Reconstruction

The Two Sisters

Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and a divided household falls.

I had a striking dream of two sisters who lived together:

In this dream there was a house where two sisters lived. The house was big and was used for many things as the sisters served together. There was a great living room where many friends would come and spend time together. There was a huge kitchen where meals were served in abundance and variety, there were bedrooms where guests could rest and stay. At some point in the dream the sisters argued and as they did a dividing wall was constructed in the middle of the house and instead of the house remaining spacious it became two small houses under one roof. The houses were very tall and thin due to the fact that they both had to fit into the original house. There were two of everything – two kitchens, two laundry rooms, two front doors and so on. The sisters forgot the wonderful life filled days of the one big house and got used to living with less space.

This dream was such a noteworthy picture to me of how ineffective and ridiculous the church becomes when division occurs. God’s house simply wastes energy by harbouring division.

Inspector Gadget

I had a prophetic dream. Here’s the account:

I dreamt I was among a group of people. Everyone was arguing. People were blaming each other for different things. The people seemed to want to point out the sin in each others lives. It just kept escalating. Then all of a sudden a detective walked into the room. He had a camera hung around his neck and he reminded me of the cartoon figure Inspector gadget. He began to calm the group down  and suggested that each person in the group take his camera and take a picture of the person they were judging had sin. Everyone agreed this was a good idea. Each person took a turn to take a photo of the person they thought was sinful in some way. The camera was Polaroid and printed out the photo immediately.  What the people didn’t know was the camera had switched to inverse and had taken X-ray like photos of their own heart. One by one people began to see their own sinfulness as they looked at the pictures of their own hearts.

For me, this dream was a revelation of how pride manifests. It blinds us to our own issues and instead focuses on others wrong doing. It very much describes the journey of Isaiah the prophet in the Old Testament. The first 5 chapters of the book of Isaiah are “Woe to You” chapters – where his focus in on everyone elses sin. Then through a vision of the Lord in chapter 6 – Isaiah is dramatically humbled and says “Woe to Me“. The revelation of Isaiah’s own sin and the response it evokes from him ultimately initiates his commission as God’s prophet.