The Seer

How do you hear from God? How do you sense what He’s doing? One of the ways the bible talks about people tuning into God’s heart is having a ‘seer gift’. In my time as a pastor (back in the day) I witnessed many people mis-understand this gift – thinking it was only about extraordinary spiritual people seeing angels and experiencing heavenly realms. Sometimes that does happen but what they didn’t grasp was that the mainstay of the seer gift is an approach – a way of seeing things, which is a God given ability. Often, it’s the ability to instinctively see the spiritual activity and seasons in normal everyday life.

So maybe you’re a ‘seer’ and you’ve never counted yourself in?

Just for fun here is my list of a few seer traits –

Seers see analogies everywhere
Seers notice things that others pass by
Seers ask a lot of questions to God about everyday life events
Seers love analysing films, books and current media
Seers are frequent followers of World news
Seers often have a dramatic dream life
Seers are day-dreamers
Seers often notice the same thing multiple times in a short space of time

My feeling is there are far more seers out there than we think and maybe you’re one of them? God is stirring up this gift right now. Don’t worry if you don’t fit a Christian box – just take notice of who you are, what you see and ask God to grow the gift in you.

It’s About Time

I was chatting with God yesterday and felt Him say (kind of out of the blue) “It’s all about timing”. I prayed and then I had a vision of many people who’d had something that they had been working on but was not quite yet public – something important to them (a new project/a move/a ministry/a business plan/ something they wanted to launch etc). God showed me that for these people the most important thing right now was timing. Right timing will be the thing that will bring success. I continued to see in a vision angels handing out clocks and watches of all different sorts to different people; huge grandfather clocks, stop clocks, digital clocks, wrist watches and so on.

I felt God was saying:

“Stop asking whether or not what you are doing is right, deep down you know that it is – that matter is settled. The real question right now is, what is the right timing for this? What type of clock have I given you? What does it mean? Be patient ask for understanding and watch your clock for the right timing. This isn’t one size fits all – you have been assigned a specific time to launch what I have established in your heart. Don’t look at others or other trends, look to me and I will give you the right timing. To those that have been given a grandfather clock. it feels like progress is slow – like it’s taking forever but what I have given you is ground breaking and will last through 3 generations – be patient, you will know by hearing me not watching for a sign. To those who have been given a stop clock there is a short window of time for you to launch – you need to know when that is – you need to be positioned to go – ask me!”

The Gold Steering Wheel

This morning as I was driving my son to preschool the sun shone on a brooch I was wearing and lit up my steering wheel as if it was gold glitter. I felt God say (strangely) that He was giving some people an upgrade of a GOLD STEERING WHEEL! He is upgrading the steering wheel part in many people’s ministry/calling/business. Interesting that it’s not an engine upgrade (power) but a steering upgrade (ability to navigate). I felt that this could impact people’s ability to have more assertiveness, clarity and even courage on decisions on where to go – what next turn to take etc in our life callings.

Wise Sight

I was spending time with God and in my minds eye I saw a picture of an Owl wearing glasses! Then I heard God say “I’m bringing Wise Sight”.  I asked God what this meant and felt Him this;

The Seer prophetic gift is being released in this season but it will be given to those who carry wisdom. The Wings of Wisdom are now at flight and She shall find My Seers. It will be a unique combination – a marriage of unstoppable force.  Many of My people have had visions and dreams but they haven’t had wisdom to see these become reality. Many others have been gifted with Wisdom for years but haven’t been given a context to use it.  But today is a new day. Wise sight is here.

So watch out you wise folks ( young and old) visions and dreams are coming your way! And position yourselves you Seers, the gift of Wisdom is being given.

The Trustworthy Prophet

To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. George MacDonald

Lately I’ve been feeling a call from God  –  it’s not a new call, but more a reminder of an old one. Nonetheless it’s been strongly present in my thoughts and dreams  –  it’s a call to be one of His trustworthy prophets.

It’s this topic of trustworthiness that I want to unpack in this second part of this series. For us to become God’s prophetic people, I believe that becoming trustworthy is key.  It’s a word that can easily send us to the edge of misunderstanding  –  it tinkers on the border of ‘earning our way up the top of the spiritual ladder’ if we’re not careful. We have a lavish, good God who trusts us in so many areas that we don’t deserve  –  that’s part of our good news of grace. But we also have a very kind God who has deposited His wisdom into us regarding attributes that make us healthy, mature and  able to fulfil our destiny. Trustworthiness is one of these attributes.

What does it look like to be a trustworthy prophet?

Early this year a good friend reminded me of an incredible verse in the book of Jeremiah;

And if you extract the precious from the worthless, You will become My spokesman.  Jer 15. 19

This verse I believe should be a banner of vision over any prophetic person. It not only promotes a way to become God’s spokesperson (looking for the precious) but it also implies something of significant consequence: If we are to become God’s spoken representatives we must carry His heart as well as His words.

Isaiah’s Commission

One of my favourite stories of the old testament is held in the first six chapters of the book of Isaiah. It’s where Isaiah gets commissioned to be God’s spoken representative. There are a number of lessons in this story that have always captivated me.

Firstly, there is an interesting historical point of context found in the first verse of chapter 6;

In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple. Is 6. 1

Chapter 6 is the chapter of Isaiah’s commission and it is framed by this information of King Uzziah’s death. If you do a little bible treasure hunting you’ll find an interesting little story in 2 Chronicles 26 about king Uzziah’s death. He died of leprosy, which the bible says was given to him by God on the account of his pride. It seems remarkable to me that in the year that pride was cast off by God, a prophet was born.

Secondly, we have the internal struggle of Isaiah himself.  For the first five chapters Isaiah is somewhat negative – he’s pointing the finger left right and centre. He’s obviously getting visions from God (the gift) but he’s yet to be commissioned (become God’s spokesman) and he doesn’t hold back any punches from Judah and Jerusalem. There’s a wonderful transition point held in chapter 6 that propels Isaiah from a person with a prophetic gift to a commissioned prophet. And it’s at this point that something significant happens.

In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple. Above him were seraphim, each with six wings: With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they were flying.  And they were calling to one another: “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.” At the sound of their voices the doorposts and thresholds shook and the temple was filled with smoke. “Woe to me!” I cried. “I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the LORD Almighty.” Is 6. 1 – 5

I believe that in this grand open vision, pride got broken off Isaiah himself. People with pride tend not to see the problems in their own life and are attracted to pointing out the problems in others. Faced with the beauty and majesty of the Lord, for the first time Isaiah could only see his own sin  –  a humble moment indeed.

And it was at this moment of genuine brokenness and humility that the Lord commissioned His prophet.

There are many people like the Chapter 5 Isaiah who can carry the prophetic gift without being released as a spokesperson of God. I believe that we are on the cusp of seeing a major release of the prophetic within the church world-wide. Thousands upon thousands of spokespeople released into all sorts of places in society. For this to happen the church needs to know one thing  –  that God’s looking for people who will carry His heart not merely repeat His words.

Attitudes of the heart that are not of God, like pride, have to be dealt with for people to move into a place of commission.

For me, this call to be trustworthy is a pursuit to represent God the best I can. It’s about making sure I get to know Him intimately  –  so intimately that I convey Him accurately to people. It’s about making sure that I know His heart and hold His values so that when I live and act and speak I am truly representing my king.

This is a journey that’s not about trying to be good enough for God, but it’s about allowing His goodness in.

The currency of trustworthiness

When we talk about growing in the prophetic gift we point people towards discovering the language of God. The areas of growth are found in revelation, interpretation and application. But to grow as a prophetic person the areas of growth are different – instead we need to learn how to move into authority, influence and favour.  I believe trustworthiness is a spiritual currency that allows increase in these areas.

While working for Woodlands Church as a pastor I experienced a journey of growth in my role. At first as a 25 year old my scope for authority and influence was fairly small  –  I had a lot of step -by -step instruction from my senior pastor  –  he needed to ensure that what I did within the context of the church met the values of the church. As time went by the range for authority and influence widened. This was due to the fact that I had become trustworthy in the eyes of my pastor. By the end of my time there I was in a senior role making all sorts of creative decisions. This principle of trustworthiness ‘leading to more’ is evident in many of the parables that Jesus taught. He’s watching to see what we will do with what we’ve been given and if we are trustworthy more influence, more authority and more favour is granted to us.

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with a lot. Whoever is dishonest with very little is dishonest with a lot. Luke 16. 10

Trustworthiness is a corridor we must walk if we’re to access the offices of authority and influence. Part of becoming God’s prophetic people is to be God’s favoured people, positioned all over the world in areas of incredible influence. As we eagerly pursue the gift of prophecy  let’s also be eager to pursue being commissioned as God’s representatives. Let’s shout ‘Here I am, Send me!’  Let’s let Him deal with our hearts and allow the incredible love of the Father to be the loudest message we share.

I’m a Christian Celebrity – Get me out of here!

A couple of weeks ago I was spending time in the presence of God and I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me. He said in a strong internal voice, “there’s a bad smell in the house.” I began asking Him what He meant (hoping it wasn’t a personal word of prophecy!) He put on my mind and in my heart the oddity of the Christian celebrity culture.

His words reminded me of an incident we had in our house where one day I came home only to be greeted by the most vile smell. A few days later the smell was still there even though I’d washed and cleaned everything. Finally we’d figured it out – we had a dead mouse rotting away under our floor boards.

For anyone who’s been in the same position you will know that you have four options ahead of you:

  1. Move to another house (only for the rich and famous)
  2. Try to hide the smell (apparently microwaved lemons work)
  3. Live with the smell (no dinner parties then)
  4. Be prepared to pull up some carpet or cut through a wall to get to the source.

As I’ve been asking for revelation and understanding on this subject it’s been much like pulling up that carpet and digging around underneath the floorboards. There’s a bad smell, but where it is and what it is have been the questions on my mind. Continue reading I’m a Christian Celebrity – Get me out of here!

Imagine all the People

What does it look like to be a prophetic person? Is it really just about getting ‘words of knowledge’ on a Sunday and being part of the prophetic team at church? Is it merely for a few ‘mystical’ Christians, or is it for all of us? 

These questions have stirred in me since I was a baby Christian. In my journey so far—from not believing the prophetic was for me in the early days to becoming the prophetic pastor in my church—I’ve tried to unravel some of the confusion.

It’s ironic that I didn’t believe I was a prophetic person because it was through a series of prophetic dreams that I met God. But back then I didn’t see that these dreams were prophetic. For me, these were the type of dreams I’d had since I was a kid. What I saw modelled in church as ‘prophetic’ was usually someone standing on stage at a Sunday service either singing a prophetic song (which most definitely wasn’t me) or sharing a ‘picture’ they’d just had. They would say that God had just spoken to them about this or that which just reaffirmed the fact that I’d not ‘heard’ God speak to me. So I just figured that prophecy was for the elite few, and I just wasn’t one of them.

Continue reading Imagine all the People

Prophecy’s not just for Christmas

In Britain we have a TV program called The Antiques Road Show. It’s been running since I was a kid and I always remember watching it on Sunday afternoons. The gist of it is that the hopeful public can come into some big old venue with their household items and get them examined by a selection of antique experts. The best bit of the show for me was seeing the shocked face of the person who was told that the piece of china that they used as a dogs feeding bowl ‘all these years’ (for example) was actually worth a fortune. Continue reading Prophecy’s not just for Christmas


Will the reformers please stand up

About a week ago in a private prayer time with the Lord, I had a picture of an hour glass. God’s hand came and turned the hour glass. Then I heard God speak in an internal voice and say; “Will the reformers please stand up.” I prayed some more, mainly asking God what this meant and I felt Him say that this was the hour of reformation – a special time in history where we will see the rising up of significant people whom God will use to reform the church, politics and culture.

This command will the reformers please stand up” really caught my attention as it felt familiar. After some research I figured it out. It was similar to the catchphrase used on the of American TV show ‘To Tell the Truth. I’m sure some of you remember it and the rest of us a version of it – usually 3-4 people would all say that they were the same person but obviously only one was telling the truth. After giving their compelling stories, the game show host would bring the show to it’s climax saying, “will the real Mr/Mrs. . . . please stand up.”

I believe God is saying that in this hour (spiritual season) we are hitting the climax of much talk, ideas and opinions. This is the hour of truth where the real reformers will stand up and be revealed. There will be a clarity between those who know what to say and those who are what they say. Those who are what they say will have a huge anointing to change the world in the sphere that God has designated for them.

I believe we are set for a period of history that will be another great reformation.There will be reformation on many levels but the key thing in this time is the recognition and release of God’s reformers – men and women who will bring about huge change and influence. They will bring solutions to the worlds many problems.

The wall will fall down

I began to ask God what’s so special about now and He showed me a vision. In the vision He began to show me this huge wall that had been built up between the church and the rest of the world. As I looked closer I could see that the building blocks of this wall had names carved in them. There was a variety of names that had built up this wall; Self doubt, fear, political correctness, individualism were the ones I saw but I got the impression there were others too. I asked the Lord about this wall. I felt Him say that this wall had been built up by both the church (unknowingly) and the spiritual forces of darkness (knowingly). He told me that apart from a few brave ones many Saints had been kept from their destinies as reformers because of this wall. Then He took me closer and showed me the cracks that were emerging in the wall and said “this wall is falling down – it’s time for reformation.”

As I pondered this vision I was reminded of President Regans famous speech to Gorbachev regarding the Berlin Wall. I was actually in a meeting a couple of weeks ago where someone quoted part of the speech so it wasn’t far from my mind. The famous part is, “General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall! 

But as I looked up this speech and read further on I was overwhelmed by a prophetic decree spoken by President Regan, he said,

Yes, across Europe, this wall will fall. For it cannot withstand faith; it cannot withstand truth. The wall cannot withstand freedom.

I believe this is a prophetic decree for this time, not for a physical wall but for the spiritual wall of opposition that the Lord showed me.

Release of supernatural boldness

The significant heavenly anointing that will be imparted at this time will be supernatural boldness/courage. The Lord showed me that people had been receiving heavenly ideas and innovations for some time but had remained theorists because of a lack of boldness/courage. The boldness I saw was supernatural, I saw it come from heaven like rain – I believe it will fall on the church in this time and take people from theory to action.

God wants you to ask yourself whether He has placed reformation on your heart. Do not be put off by your history or education – if you hear that call from God, whether its a booming voice from heaven or the still small voice within your heart – that’s your commission. There will be people who have had no heart for reformation begin to get an appetite for it in this hour. 

Children of the reformation

God also gave me a snapshot of some of what will happen in this time of reformation and it’s truly awesome. Last night I had a significant prophetic dream. It had three parts to it and each part involved how God was going to move among children.

1. A heightened and strategic prayer movement for children

In the first part of the dream, two children had been kidnapped. As soon as I heard this had happened I phoned my pastor and asked him to start praying and mobilize prayer. Task force prayer teams were sent out on the streets and they began a detailed search for these children.

I felt God was saying that a co-ordinated prayer movement would emerge in the church that would understand strategy and through prayer protect the spiritual, physical and emotional well being of our children.

2. Lost children returned home

In the next part of the dream many I saw an adult return to the Lord. As he kneeled on the floor weeping under the power of the Holy Spirit I saw him as a child growing up in Christian faith.

I felt God say that this was one of many that the Spirit Himself would touch and bring home.

3. Many children come to faith

Lastly I saw the most touching scene. A small child, maybe 6-8 years old was overcome with the joy of the Holy Spirit and kneeling on the floor said over and over again that they wanted Jesus in their heart. This child was not part of church.

I felt so strongly that God was showing me one of many children who in this next decade would be utterly transformed by the Fathers love –  a great revival among children.

I’m sharing with you what I believe God has been sharing with me. It’s a mixture of visions, dreams, internal voice and deep inner-knowing that I believe is from God but it’s important that you prayerfully discern it. I’m intrigued to see this next season flesh itself out and I am asking God what this means in my own life. The call of the reformer and the preparation to see many children reached by the glorious love of the Father is a challenging and wonderful future. My very being is saying a big loud ‘YES’ to this and I hope that I’m going to be a part of seeing this happen.