Simply Word and Spirit

by Ruth Lorensson Simply Word and Spirit dissects the division between people and churches “of the Word” and those “of the Spirit”, then illuminates the path of power through unification. Ruth Lorensson crosses cultural chasms to show the consequences of this divide, and what it’s causing us to miss out on. After debunking division, Ruth uses scripture & personal stories to show that the Word and Spirit must be held together in order to access the cumulative power that was always by-design.


Prophecy in the fog

Prophecy in the fog

I was on a morning walk a few days ago and I began to ask God to give me some insight into what was happening in our world right now. I immediately saw a vision (with my physical sight) of a thick billowing fog rolling across the earth. The Holy Spirit didn’t...

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Dot To Dot Jesus

Just over a month ago, while I was visiting England, I had a prophetic image come to my mind. I saw in my mind’s eye a map of the world and on top of it was an elaborate Dot To Dot image of the face of Jesus. I’m assuming most of you know what I mean by Dot To Dot ?...

Guest post – The Dark Side of Leadership

David Mitchell is the best pastor I know. He’s been the senior pastor of Woodlands Church, Bristol for over 15 years and has been ministering for many years before that. It’s an absolute privilege to have a guest post written by him. Here’s some of...

Forts and Bridges

I’ve just launched my book ‘simply word and spirit’ at a conference in Bristol, UK called ‘Release2016‘. It was a real honor to do this as the charity behind the conference lovebristol are dear friends of mine. As I was preparing to lead...

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